Welcome to CARLAVIA Digital Signature and Transaction Platform.

CARLAVIA Features overview

Go Beyond eSign

Powerful features to help you grow your business.

CARLAVIA platform with its innovative concept and comprehensive list of features enables you to streamline, reshape and even create brand new types of collaborations, previously unimaginable.

The platform has been designed with main focus on productivity and security.
The major building block is innovative B2B/B2C messaging using user accounts, business or personal, rather than e-mail based communication which is nowadays ineffective, unproductive, and subject to literally daily security attacks.


Users can start within minutes, straight out of the box, while features and templates facilitate rapid use. As your needs grow, you discover that the platform goes well beyond just an eSignature and boasts more advanced functionality packaged into one neat innovative concept.

Welcome to CARLAVIA

CARLAVIA eSignature
Create and send digitally.
Let customers sign in minutes. 

True Business-to-Business transactions.

Let's start with the basics.

Multi-account, multi-user, multi-language. Fundamental to growing your business.

CARLAVIA brings a new concept in eSignature and B2B communications. Sending a document or a digital transaction always takes place from a business account to a business account, while most other concepts are e-mail based.

This innovative concept brings significant improvements in productivity, collaboration, and security.

Explore how CARLAVIA can accelerate your B2B and B2C collaborations beyond just an eSign. 

CARLAVIA transactions are sent from an account to another account. The accounts represent a business or personal and all can be accessed by multiple users and each user can have access to many accounts. 

There is a library of templates including agreements, proposals, invoices, work orders, NDAs, and many more.

All templates are built in a simple and pragmatic way so they are ready to use as-is or can be modified and personalized very easily.  

The documents can be built for a specific language or even in a multilingual format. In addition to language, you can also set up the templates for specific jurisdictions if required. 

Once the documents are sent from an account to account, that is from a company to company, they can be electronically signed by one or more users on each side.

Additionally, platform allows for “Approval by Click only” or simple delivery confirmation for such digital transactions where signing is not necessary. 

Even though CARLAVIA facilitates electronic and digital signing of transactions between business partners, it also provides a full suite of functionality to manage business relationships in its entirety including shipping and logistics notifications, , work orders, work confirmations and sign-offs, billing and many more as required. CARLAVIA is highly flexible and configurable platfrom to enable world class B2B and B2C collaborations. 

Access CARLAVIA from your desktop or mobile device. Create, send, and sign anywhere and close deals in real-time. Check out all the features. 


Best-in-Class Productivity

Create, Send & eSign

Select from hundreds of ready-to-go templates and let customers sign in minutes.

Library of templates

Template builder

Master data
Business partners & Items

Approval lists

External gateway


Anywhere. Anytime.


You are always fully in control. Save precious time to focus on your day-to-day business.

CARLAVIA document and transaction dashboard

Beyond eSignature,
what else can I do?

No more missing invoices or receipts

Scan & Upload

Upload scans or documents received by email, use your mobile phone to capture receipts.

Upload external documents

Capture receipts & expenses

Manage status and updates

CARLAVIA Document Scan & Upload using mobile device

With all documents in one place, you can
manage expirations, extensions, payment balances.

Complete Overview in Real-time.

Manage validity, amendments, financials.

Track all contracts, invoices, and payments in a transparent and comprehensive way.

Validity status & expirations

Amendments & extensions

Track payments and balances

And the cherry on top,
all is pre-processed for accounting and back-office

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Accounting Allocation & Machine Learning processing.

All financially relevant documents can be processes manually, automatically, or via machine learning.

new cool features coming 2022

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