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How to get started with CARLAVIA

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What is CARLAVIA and how it works

CARLAVIA is a secure, cloud-based digital platform, that allows transacting between business partners using eSignatures, digital transactions, and documents.

  • The platform allows creating business documents using standard or custom-defined document templates that a business uses in daily interactions with its customers, suppliers, strategic and collaboration partners, and non-profit or government agencies.
  • Subsequently, the document can be sent and signed digitally by one or more users on behalf of sending and receiving entity.
  • The history of the document and audit log is available as proof of transactions and digital signatures.
  • In addition to eSignatures, users can upload all externally received invoices, orders, receipts, and even capture expenses use their mobile devices. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to get started.


Tools » Template builder » Assign templates

1. Select templates from the library

The CARLAVIA document library offers a large number of templates ready for use including sales, purchasing, billing, operational, and many many many more. Each company can also create its own custom templates using the template builder. Just don’t forget to assign them for use.

Master data » Business partners » Add new business partner

2. Add business partners

Prior to sending a document, it is a prerequisite to have a receiver created as a business partner. To add a new business partner, i.e. supplier, customer, individual, and/or collaborators please search through the CARLAVIA business directory first, then add to your records. If the entity is not found, invite them to join the platform.

Settings » My Company / Bank Details / Tax Rates

3. Enter your company data - Settings

A number of templates use the data which is entered in the setting and master data of the company. It is recommended, depending on the use, to fill out: Company address, Business and Tax registration numbers, Contacts, and Locations. If used for billing and financial documents fill out Tax rates, Bank information, and Items/Products.

Settings » User management » Add new user

4. Assign additional users

To achieve maximum collaboration, allow your colleagues and employees to use the platform. Even your external collaborators such as your accountant, lawyer, or business development agents can work on your behalf. Enhanced permissions can be set at the document type level.

Settings » Subscriptions » Update Plan

5. Modify your subscription as needed

All new registrations are created with the default Free eSign plan which is entirely free, forever. The Free eSign plan includes 2 users and up to 15 outgoing transactions per month.

As needed, premium packages with more users and or more transactions can be selected anytime.

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