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Frequently Asked Questions

CARLAVIA is a secure, cloud-based digital platform, that allows transacting between business partners using eSignatures, digital transactions, and documents.
The platform allows creating business documents using standard or custom-defined templates that a business uses in daily interactions with its customers, suppliers, strategic and collaboration partners, and non-profit or government agencies. Subsequently, the document can be sent and signed digitally by one or more users on behalf of sending and receiving entity.
The history of the document and audit log is available as a proof of transactions and digital signatures.

Yes! Every new account is automatically assigned the Free eSign plan. This is a perfect eSignature plan for those with limited needs yet enriched with all ready-to-go templates and features to run your small business. The plan includes 15 outgoing documents per month and 2 users while there is no limit for receiving and signing documents. Should you wish to send more transactions or give access to more users, it is recommended to upgrade the plan in the subscription section.

The user gets assigned the User ID. The User ID is a unique identifier (i.e. e-mail)  that allows the user to log in to the platform and perform actions.
CARLAVIA Account represents either a company or an individual. All documents in the platform are sent in-between the accounts as it corresponds to a commercial or business like transaction between companies and their customers.
The platform was designed for a multi-user and multi-account concept, i.e. one user can have access to multiple accounts and each account can have multiple users. This allows to create further efficiencies and even more innovative collaboration models. For example, a company account can be accessed by multiple employees and even external collaborators, such as your accountant or legal advisor. The choice is yours.

Absolutely. It is highly recommended to invite your customers, suppliers, and all other business partners to join and create a CARLAVIA account. That will significantly improve processing and turnaround times on both sides. However, even if your partners are not in CARLAVIA you are able to work with them efficiently.

Of course. The platform allows sending documents to anyone with an email. Such a user can view, download, digitally sign or reject the document, just as any other CARLAVIA account holder. Having said that, the users not registered in CARLAVIA, will not be able to track the documents using the dashboard, and won’t be able to create and send documents as a sender or originator.

Yes. Court admissible and legally binding in most of the countries.


An eSignature, or electronic signature, and a digital signature allow people to sign documents online, instead of using pen and paper. In contrast to simple electronic signature, digital signature guarantees that an electronic document is authentic.


Both electronic signatures and digital signatures are widely recognized as legally binding, admissible in courts, and enforceable within the European Union, the UK, the United States, Canada, and many other world’s jurisdictions.
Yes, both.

In addition to ready-to-use standard templates, platform allows each account owner and administrator to create their own custom templates using drag and drop Template Builder.

Yes. The platform offers various document templates in many languages. These can be tailored for particular jurisdictions as required.

The platform is ready to be used out of the box upon registering and creating an account.  Additionally, based on specific requirements, it can also be integrated with enterprise systems and other technologies, such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and others to drive further efficiency and level of automation.

CARLAVIA has partnered with stripe, the worldwide leader in online payment processing for internet businesses. CARLAVIA platform uses STRIPE Customer Portal to manage subscriptions and to process the payments and doesn’t collect credit card information.


You can register and start with the Free eSign plan which is entirely free and that doesn’t require any credit card. Once you are comfortable with CARLAVIA, you simply upgrade to a paid plan. It’s entirely up to you!


For Premium and Enterprise plan customers we offer the option of direct invoicing along with additional plans and services when required.
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